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Current Inventions for Casino Slot Machines

Casino slot machines easily account for nearly 70% of casino annual revenue. Today, most of these casino slot machines are touch screen slot machines. These touch screen slot machines require a touch of a finger to activate the machine. When you touch the screen, the current is transmitted from the person to the contact point on the screen, which causes the direct activation of the machine.

One of the problems that arise when using a machine with a touch screen for a player is that he constantly needs to lean forward and consistently extend his hand for repeated contact. This action is usually very inconvenient for players over time. All players run the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and germs that other players previously left on the machines. If you can minimize or avoid touching these machines, why not? Here is a good reason why!

To our great amazement, to tell you this as smoothly as possibleand frankly disgusting performance while visiting a local 토토사이트. An extremely elderly drunken gentleman, who clearly had a case of the disease, recognized as flu symptoms (one of them was diarrhea), got rid of certain bodily properties in the seat of the slot machine in which he played. Surprisingly, he actually began to transfer his own excrement from place to the playback screen without his obvious knowledge. This incident required an immediate response, and we turned to those who were responsible for reporting the situation.

Online casino

Our newly discovered innovative device completely eliminates unnecessary discomfort and direct contact while playing on a car with a touch screen. This is called the Magic Wand for gambling. Whatever gaming machine with a touch screen you prefer to play, this new 12-inch device, adorned with a long braided cord that hangs around your neck, allows customers to sit completely relaxed and play longer without physical effort. , We personally purchased one for each of us, and we were surprised how easy it is to activate the touch screen, which weighs almost nothing. Now we can’t imagine that we play on our favorite cars without them!


Remember that among slot machines that are cleaned and disinfected, you can spread countless germs and microbial bacteria from many players. Therefore, for these and other reasons, it can be demonstrated that this device can have significant advantages and, therefore, when implemented, it can prevent public health risks. When using the device, players keep slot machines with a casino touch screen cleaner, and players tend to play longer.