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Getting to Understand Domino Qiu Qiu Better

Domino Qiu Qiu is a type of domino poker game that originated from Indonesia although its fame is widespread. Also known as 99-domino, this casino game includes 28 dominoes in the form of cards. The cards are spread in sets of 3s to the involved players.  It uses almost the same winning and losing strategies. Smart players understand that merging the game’s rules and trickeries can help eliminate the opponents and result in a timely win. It works similarly to street poker hence if you are an expert in this area; your winning odds will be doubled.

This game requires a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 2 players.  It starts when the players commit a small but fixed bet after which the tiles are upturned upside down in the aid to safeguard the moves made by the players. After deep evaluation of the cards, one of the players then makes a raise, call, or fold.

How To Play Domino Qiu Qiu

This domino poker game should be played against the direction of the clock’s hands.  The first step every player involved in the game should make is to place a bet. If you place a bet and the system realizes that you are the only one who did so, it will declare the game over and you will be obligated to keep your cards secret. In this online poker, betting is referred to as folding. Players who don’t fold at the initial stage will be given one more card.

When folding for the second and final round, the stake amount will be increased.  In the second betting stage, players are able to increase their pot’s volume. The results of the bets you make rely on the mathematical rules applied by the system.  The best thing about this game is that players can decide to play without making additional bets. This kind of play is referred to as checking.  If all players bet on the game, the game will move to the next stage which is known as calling.

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Tips to Make Winning Moves

When playing Domino Qiu Qiu, your success rate depends on the smartness of the moves you make.  Understanding the way the games work including the free tables, all betting stages, pot’s volumes, and all other stages will double your winning.

Experts advise that you should never try to accelerate through the different stages of the game if you have no solid experience as you will end up losing terribly.  Taking your time to monitor how mature players move the cards, place bets and stay in control regardless of the odds can help double your winnings.

Spending time to learn the basics and horn your skills will make you a giant in this poker game. It will also increase your diligence and patience ensuring you start winning more than you have ever done before.


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