How many types of welcome bonuses exist in an online casino?

If you want to know one benefit of online casino, which you definitely do not find in physical casinos- then the answer is “Bonuses”. There are numerous kinds of bonus available in online casino. Click here for DominoQQ. 

Refund Bonus

The refunding bonuses are undoubtedly the most popular. Also known as Cashback, they are the type of bonuses that offer the player a refund of the amount wagered during his first bet. This is the type of coupon that users are looking for the most, and it is the most effective way to minimize losses. As we have said before, all bonuses are a marketing strategy that have a single objective: to capture the maximum number of possible customers for your platform. However, the reality is that they are also very useful for customers to remove their fear and begin their journey in the field of betting.Visit this site for DominoQQ.

The ways that exist of obtaining this type of bonuses are very diverse. However, the most common is to claim the bonus at the time of registration. Through a pop up or a banner are the two most common ways for these bonuses to appear on each user’s computer screen.

The way in which the user perceives the amount of money wagered on the bonus is not always the same. It depends largely on the chosen betting house to make use of it. It is important to take into account the conditions that must be met to make use of the bonuses.

Free Spins Bonuses

Spins bonuses are also very popular. The way in which they are accessed are diverse, and they depend largely on how the user wants to use them.

However, this may vary according to many aspects. Its operation is very simple. As the name implies, they are a type of bonus that allows users to make different runs for free. Becoming an incentive to be more active and be able to play more regularly.

There are two main types of free spins bonuses: 

Deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are usually a loyalty strategy for current customers. So, the most common way is that they require a recharge to the user’s account to be able to provide a series of completely free spins.

Bonuses without deposit

In this case, we do not have to have made any economic transfer to our usual account. It is quite common when it comes to new users that the platform wants to attract.