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Is it legal for online poker in Indonesia?

There’s just no way to get over this one-online poker in Indonesia (or gambling in any sort, actually) isn’t legal. It probably won’t be any time soon.

Poker table While poker is definitely a game of skill and far from true “betting,” it is still grouped in with casinos and gambling and, by default, it is prohibited.

But that said… Indonesia has a huge population (more than 261 million!) and sports betting and poker passion. So while you’re never going to be able to play live poker at a Jakarta casino, there’s likely no shortage of people looking to play poker online.

The only poker online policy in Indonesia is designed to prevent people from playing on online poker sites, but the Internet is a great thing and, as yet, the Indonesian government has not blocked access to many international online poker sites.

You may not be able to locate a poker site in the local language, but Indonesia still has sole rights to the major international poker sites listed below.

That may certainly change at some point, but as the government appears to be more centered on sports betting and casino games, online poker in Indonesia seems to have a small window of opportunity.

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Is it possible to play poker online in Indonesia for real money?

You will not be able to find an Indonesian poker page per se, as described above, but you should be able to access Indonesia’s major international poker site.

Since they operate outside the control of the Indonesian States, they can not be shut down completely. And until they determine and/or find out how to block all of them, poker players in Indonesia will figure out a way to get into the game.

The biggest challenge is to send and withdraw money to online poker sites. To play a real-money online poker game, you have to find a way to fund your account, so making money to Indonesia’s poker site is a must. Fortunately, online poker deposit options are still available.

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Another great way to try Indonesia’s online poker? All big poker sites offer a free, no-download edition that can be viewed through an Internet browser. No downloading software is necessary and you can play from any smartphone or computer.

Until you make the leap into real-money poker, free no download poker is a perfect way to practice and improve your skills. It’s also a fun way to play poker without any danger in places like Indonesia, where betting is not as universally accepted as anywhere else in the world.

There will always be challenges to a fully licensed free poker game in Indonesia, but the poker culture expands despite the obstacles every year.