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Bonuses are one of the deciding factors online betting players consider. They register an account only when they see that there are bonuses. These bonuses provide a better opportunity for the players. Bookmakers often offer all types of promotion because of the competition. They make an effort to attract new customers and do their best to keep existing players.

Claiming of bonuses has a deadline.

Most bonuses are not simple to claim. There are conditions that come with it. It is important that you read the full terms and conditions for each offered bonus before you claim it. Most players do not take a look at the terms and conditions. They think that they already claimed the bonus and keep on playing. Then they get surprised when they see their account section. They think that it reflects the wrong numbers when the truth is that they have not claimed the bonus at all. One reason could be that they have not met the full conditions before claiming the bonus. Another is that they have not activated the bonus in a proper way.

Professional and seasoned bettors know that there are rules at the bottom of each offer. They check these before they commit to a bonus. This saves them from disappointments later on. Make sure you know the following before you claim your bonus.


You can only claim a welcome bonus once.

Most welcome bonuses are for new accounts only. You can only claim it once after you have registered a new account. This kind of bonus often has different conditions. The most common is the need for a deposit. You have to make a qualifying deposit first before you can get the said welcome bonus. Some bookmakers offer deposit bonuses that you can claim more than once. These are different from welcome bonuses. Make sure you claim your welcome bonus as soon as you make your first deposit. You will not be able to claim if after a few deposits.

Claiming of bonuses has a deadline.

Reload bonuses have a particular deadline for you to claim them. The welcome bonus often does not have a time limit. You can claim it anytime as long as you have not made a second deposit. Make sure to check the requirements and the deadline so you can take advantage of the reload bonuses.

Not all countries are eligible for bonuses.

There are a lot of countries that are on the list of restricted territories. Players from those countries will not be able to claim bonuses. The countries that are not allowed to claim bonuses vary on different bookmakers. They do not give out any reasons why certain countries are on their restricted list. Check if your country is on the list. Do not try to claim the bonus if your country is on the list. There are other bookmakers, such as Joker 888 Slot, that you could try out.

Only certain payment methods are eligible.

There are specific payment methods that each bookmaker considers eligible for certain bonuses. Sometimes a payment method allowed in the platform is not eligible for the bonus. You can make deposits using them but you will not be able to claim the bonus. Read the conditions so you can take advantage of the said bonus.

Always make sure you do your homework before making any deposits and placing any bets. It needs a little effort to ensure a greater experience but it is worth it.