Why You Should Play With Entaplay?

There are many bonuses available on the Entaplay Site. You must be observant to find out the conditions. This will increase the profits you add when playing. Let’s check out the reasons to play with Entaplay.

50 – 100% Deposit Bonus for New Members

The provisions in the game Entaplay are making a minimum deposit of 100,000 with a maximum bonus amount of 1,000,000. Deposit bonuses can be withdrawn or sent to the Live Casino Wallet with a condition of 25 times Turn Over, while for slot games the conditions are 22 times Turn Over. As an example:

Deposit value = 200 IDR

Sign Up Bonus Value = 200 * 50% = 100 IDR

Turnover Requirements = (200 + 100) x 25 = 7,500 IDR Live Casino and Online Slots Weekly Rebates

All active members are entitled to claim a daily rebate of 0.5 – 1% if they meet the weekly bet value during the promotion. Minimum bet value ≥ 3,000 IDR without a maximum bonus limit.

Bonuses are certainly very attractive and able to attract many customers. Especially if there is real evidence, then people are increasingly interested and willing to try. Oh yes, be careful with sites that provide bonuses, but they are only fraud. Of course, it can happen on various sites, so the Online Casino Gambling Playlist is only in Entaplay.

30% Weekly Reload Bonus

You will get a weekly reload bonus on EntaPlay Live chat Casino and Slots. The bonus amount that you will get is 30% every week. Members are required to deposit and transfer a minimum balance of IDR 50 to the Live Casino Wallet. Example:

Deposit value = 200 IDR

Reload Bonus Value = 200 * 30% = 60 IDR

Turnover Requirements = (200 + 60) x 15 = 3,900 IDR

Go for Sites that Requires Adequate Capital

As you well know, EntaPlay is one of the largest and most trusted gambling sites in Indonesia. Many assume that large sites are less likely to win. Who says it?

Again, capital must be discussed. Calm down, guys. Several sites can allow you to play without a deposit. You can search and examine trusted portals. Why does it need capital? Because if there is no cause there cannot be an effect. If there is no capital, how can it benefit? It’s as simple as that. So, look for sites with capital that matches your ability to play casino gambling or online slot gambling.